Y.P. Pervitskiy 1916: NEW PHENOMENA IN THE LIFE OF RUSSIAN PROVINCE (on example of Lebedyan County of Tambov province)

This article deals with the most important new phenomena which appeared in various spheres of life in the Lebedyan County of Tambov province in 1916. Among them: the imple-mentation by the zemstvo and municipal government non-core functions, and in some cases the substitution of the bodies of state power and administration; the development of con-sumer and production cooperation; the creation of common people’s homes – the centers of cultural and educational work among the population; the worsening of relations between landowners and peasants; the widespread violation of Prohibition. More than that, the importance of these phenomena in the context of the perspectives the territory development is shown.

Keywords: zemstvo, municipal government, consumer and production cooperation, common people’s homes, landlords, peasants, Prohibition.


Citation link: Pervitskiy Y.P. 1916: new phenomena in the life of Russian province (on example of Lebedyan county of Tambov province) // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2017. – № 2 (3). – P. 92-101.
DOI: 10.24411/2541-9056-2017-00023

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