The article examines the question of the state of the Russian party of Socialist-Revolutionaries in the first months of the Great Russian Revolution of 1917. The main pro-gram principles and party requirements worked out by the III All-Russian Congress of the So-cialist Revolutionary Party in May 1917. Were explained the full support of the party by the voter at all local levels before the county and city. The work of the Tambov Committee of the Socialist Revolutionary Party in organizing the First and Second Tambov Provincial Peasants’ Congresses (April, May 1917) was analyzed, the decisions of which predetermined the ap-pearance of the September “Order No. 3”, subsequently adopted and recommended by the leaders of the Socialist Revolutionary Party to put all provincial party committees in practice. Evidence is given of the assertion that the opposition of peasant unions to peasant councils in relation to Tambov province in Soviet and Russian historiography is at least incorrect, since there was continuity between them. The fate of prominent leaders of the Tambov region af-ter October 1917 was traced.

Keywords: The Great Russian Revolution of 1917, the Socialist Revolutionary Party, the Peasant Union, the Soviets, the Tambov Gubernia.

Citation link: Kolchinsky D.V. Tambov socialist-revolutionary in the new political paradigm (spring-summer, 1917) // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2017. – № 3 (4). – P. 48-55.
DOI: 10.24411/2541-9056-2017-00026

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