Zavodskov I.N. Military-patriotic education of ulyanovsk schoolchildren in the late 1920-s – 1930-s.

The current international situation requires additional attention to the military-patriotic education of children and youth, the study of the historical experience of work with schoolchildren and pioneers in the field. The article analyzes the main areas of work of the pioneer organization, Osoaviakhim with students, shows the difficulties that Ulyanovsk faced in the implementation of measures in the field of military training. The study is based on materials from the collections of the State Archive of Contemporary History of the Ulyanovsk Region, periodicals, methodological and informational brochures for the specified period. The main activities in the field of military-patriotic education were: holding military games, organizing military circles, introducing elements of military training into summer camps for schoolchildren. The close cooperation of Osoaviakhim, a pioneer organization, and the teaching staff of the school contributed to the creation of Osoaviakhim cells and circles of “Osoaviakhim’s Young Friends” in Ulyanovsk schools. The difficulties encountered in the implementation of the military training program for schoolchildren were related to staffing, therefore, as archival documents testify, the training of pioneer organizers both in full-time and part-time format, covering rural schools, was a priority. The analysis of articles in the regional press confirmed the wide scope of sports competitions between schoolchildren, which required serious physical preparation. Therefore, special attention was paid to physical culture and sports, since only a physically developed citizen could defend the Fatherland. Despite the shortcomings in the activities, the work to educate young people in the spirit of love for the motherland, readiness to stand up for its defense was carried out effectively, which had a favorable effect on increasing the country’s defense capability.

Key words: military-patriotic education, Osoaviakhim, pioneers, school, USSR, military games, summer camps.



Citation link: Zavodskov I.N. Military-patriotic education of ulyanovsk schoolchildren in the late 1920-s – 1930-s. // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2023. – №3. – P. 22-31.
DOI: 10.24412/2541-9056-2023-328-22-31

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