The article proves that Soviet scientists, who considered themselves subverters of the Normand theory and criticized pre-revolutionary Antinormanism, in fact preached Normanism hallowed by Marksism. The author of the article mentions the fact that such normanists as V.O. Klyuchevsky, A.A. Shakhmatov appraised very highly the workswritten by the antinormanists S.A. Gedeonov, A.A. Ilovaisky and comes to the conclusion that in Soviet time their heritage was badmouthed. It hap-pened so because Soviet science, having absorbed Narmanism of its predecessor and making use of a favourable political situation, declared Antinormanism antiscientific and ideologically hostile. At the same time antinormanists were presented as monarchists, reactionists, obscurantists and Ilovaisky, who tried to prevent the demolishing of Russia, bore the brunt of such an attitude.

Keywords: Antinormanism, Soviet Antinormanism, Marxism, S.A. Gedeonov, A.A. Ilovaisky.


Citation link: Fomin V.V. Pre-revolutionary antinornormanists as viewed by “soviet antinornormanists” // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2019. – № 1 (10). – P. 85-94.
DOI: 10.24411/2541-9056-2019-11014

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