The Slavs – a folk which gave birth to Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Czech people and other ethnically related communities, which are wrongly depicted by many Russian and foreign historiographer and cultural specialists as primitive people in comparison with other European nations. It happens mainly because these scholars neglect not only N.Y. Danilevsky’s theory of historicalcultural types but also well-known facts about the history of the Slavs. The name “the Slavs” appeared as a self-name of a folk which was good at language and had a vast verbal and intellectual potential.The birthplace of the Slavs civilization was Eurasian forests, with plenty of rivers, rich in plants and animals. All these natural conditions served a basis for economic and cultural development of the Slavs. Separation of Western Europe folks, limited natural resources and specific living conditions determined the development of civilization of West-European type: military and consumer -oriented. Integrity and friendly relations of the Slavs in Eastern Europe, their unlimited natural resources served a basis for the civilization of a peaceful, socially-oriented, constructive type. The first type is sure to lead the whole humanity to anthropogenic, ecological, social-political, demographic crises. The civilization of the second type is characterized by global-historical optimism and prospects of a happy future for everyone.

Keywords: the Slavs, ethnical group, the word, cultural-historical type, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, forest, river, moderate climate, military and consumer –oriented type, a peaceful, socially-oriented, constructive type, optimism.


Citation link: Korolkov A.I. THE SLAVS AS AN ETHNIC GROUP AND AS A HISTORICAL-CULTURL TYPE //Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2019. – № 2 (11). – P. 83-99
DOI: 10.24411/2541-9056-2019-11003

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