Emelyanova I.D. Speech development of preschool children in the context of digital transformation

The article analyzes the problem of digital transformation and the use of digital educational resources in preschool education. The author reveals the essence of digitalization of didactic material for verbalization of preschoolers. The relevance of the phenomenon under study is determined by the need to find more effective ways of linguistic development of preschoolers using digitalization resources that correspond to modern educational development strategies. The object of the study is the speech development of children in the digital educational space. The subject of the study is pedagogical conditions that optimize the process of verbal development of older preschoolers by means of digital technologies. The study is based on data from experimental studies (diagnostics of the state of coherent speech (O.S. Ushakov), studying the digital equipment of the educational process of preschool education, monitoring the progress of educational activities for the development of coherent speech of children, conversations with children and questionnaires of teachers). The theoretical aspect testifies to the enrichment of the process of speech development of preschool children by means of digitalization. During the experimental study, the following was revealed: the development of a
program for the development of children’s speech with the use of digital technologies on a regular basis in educational activities, the enrichment of the subject-spatial educational environment of preschool institutions by means of digitalization, holding seminars for teachers of preschool educational institutions on the use of digital technologies are the conditions that will increase the effectiveness of the process of speech development of children.

Key words: senior preschool age, speech development, digital technologies, digitalization, digital educational resources.



Citation link: Emelyanova I.D. Speech development of preschool children in the context of digital transformation // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2023. – №4. – P. 44-52.
DOI: 10.24412/2541-9056-2023-429-44-52

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