O.Yu. Kuznetsova, V.V. Shlyapnikov Research of political activity of students youth

The article presents the results of a study of political activity of students, conducted in March 2021. The object of the study was students of the Institute of Civil Defence of Saint-Petersburg University of Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service of Emercom of Russia. Anonymous questionnaire was used as a method of the research. On the data of empirical research, it has been established that politics and political activity do not arouse any particular interest amongst students. Disinterest, lack of information and utter futility of individual participation were mentioned as factors that hinder the inclusion of young people in the political life of the country.

Key words: political activity, political  life participation, students.


Citation link: Kuznetsova O.Yu., Shlyapnikov V.V. Research of political activity of students youth //Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2021. - № 3 (20). – P. 85-94. DOI 10.24412/2541-9056-2021-3-85-94
DOI: 10.24412/2541-9056-2021-3-85-94

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