Dergacheva E.A. The historical change of man in the era of the productive economy

The transition of society to a productive economy – initially agrarian, and subsequently man-made (industrial and post-industrial) causes increasing changes in human natural qualities due to the expansion of the technosphere, the formation of a technogenic urban niche of the population and large losses on land in the biosphere. The ongoing transformations in man require close attention of historians in the context of understanding the patterns of the changing nature of the historical social process in connection with the suppression of the biosphere and the formation of the technosphere shell of life. The object of the study is the historical process of expansion of the world’s manufacturing economy and its transformative impact on humans and natural nature. The subject of the study is a historical change in the natural qualities of a person, combining, at the beginning of the formation of the technosphere, the acceleration of the processes of socialization and biological development of the human body, and subsequently leading to a slowdown in its natural development. The methodological basis is the development of the Interdisciplinary Scientific and Philosophical School of the Socio-technogenic Development of the World and the change in the evolution of Life, recognized by the Russian Academy of Sciences, exploring interrelated socio-economic, artificial and biospheric processes in their historical dynamics. The novelty of the research lies in the generalization of historical changes in human natural qualities in the conditions of transition from feudal to technogenic-capitalist economy. The prospects of the research are related to the development of programs for safe human socialization, taking into account the harmonious development of society and the biosphere.

Key words: change in human natural qualities, biosphere, technosphere, agricultural society, socio-technogenic development



Citation link: Dergacheva E.A. The historical change of man in the era of the productive economy // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2023. – №4. – P. 7-19.
DOI: 10.24412/2541-9056-2023-429-7-19

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