Sagitov S.T. Regional cultural management: problems and ways of development

Issues of management at the regional level are always of particular interest due to the fact that they imply a dual position of the object of management: both sectoral and territorial. At the same time, the industry factor is taken into account to a greater extent which leads to uneven development of the region. The situation is especially acute in the cultural sphere. The situation is further complicated by the fact that for a long time culture in our country has been presented and perceived as an
industry, which significantly narrowed its understanding and, most importantly, its internal laws of development were not taken into account. This also led to the fact that culture was understood as a derivative of the economy, and its development always lagged. The article proves the need to consider culture as a sphere of human activity and the features of management at the regional level. Some results of a sociological study on the management of the cultural sector are presented in terms of the transformation of the population’s opinion about the primacy of management levels.

Key words: region, social management, cultural sphere, social actors, cultural sovereignty, partner petal.


Citation link: Sagitov S.T. Regional cultural management: problems and ways of development // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2023. – №4. – P. 68-78.
DOI: 10.24412/2541-9056-2023-429-68-78

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