Gorskiy A.A. «Orda Zalesskaya»: about one misconception

The article deals with the expression “Orda Zalesskaya”, used in “Zadonshchina’. There is an opinion in historiography that it proves the existence of idea of North-Eastern Rus’’s belonging to the Golden Horde. The author argues that the word “orda” means in this case not “state”, “land”, but “army”. It means not more than “military troops of Zalesskaya land” (i.e. North-Eastern Rus’). The using of Tatar term is connected with a fact that locution “Orda Zalesskaya” in “Zadonshchina” put into mouth of Crimea Genoese, closely connected with Horde-state.

Key words: «Orda Zalesskaya», Zalesskaya land, Rus’, North-Eastern Rus, «Zadonshchina».



Citation link: Gorskiy A.A. «Orda Zalesskaya»: about one misconception // Humanities researches of the Central Russia. – 2024. – №1. – P. 7-10.
DOI: 10.24412/2541-9056-2024-130-7-10

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